The chef behind Cooking Classes in Rome

For over a decade, Chef Andrea has been using his talent and passion for cooking in his family’s restaurant. Andrea and his family have owned and operated four restaurants within the last 20 years and through it all, he has always been a familiar face in the kitchen.

Now Andrea is using his love of cooking to teach to others great regional dishes from his home town: Rome, Italy.

At a young age Andrea worked in a small pizzeria where his interests in cooking and baking began. Through the years, Andrea has taken time abroad to learn different techniques and ways of the kitchen, but he always comes back to his family’s restaurant and Roman roots.

He has opened up his kitchen to you

Today Andrea brings people into his kitchen to offer up a great new experience to travelers, tourists, students, friends and families. After your cooking class, you will not just have learned how to make a few Italian dishes but you will also have made a friend in Chef Andrea.

See what travelers from all over the world think of Chef Andrea

  • “Wow, what a day! Chef Andrea was AMAZING!”

  • “That was an amazing experience! Chef Andrea was a great host, the menu was excellent”

  • “Chef Andrea is a great teacher with a brilliant sense of humour.”

  • “Chef Andrea is delightful, welcoming everyone into his kitchen.”

  • “Andrea was funny, full of energy and made our experience absolutely enjoyable!”


Have a fun, unique experience

Cook authentic Italian cuisine in a local Roman kitchen from Chef Andrea Consoli!