Chef Andrea Consoli

With over a decade of experience in his family’s restaurant, Chef Andrea has brought his talent and passion for cuisine to international travelers visiting Italy.

Meet the chef behind Cooking Classes in Rome.

About the Chef

Learn how to cook authentic Italian food

Meet new friends from all over the world, have a great time and enjoy a fantastic four-course meal in Rome that you helped create!

Cooking Classes in Rome are a fun, unique way to experience Italy

Taking a cooking class while traveling in Italy is a wonderful, immersive way to experience Italy in a new and different way. We are located in the picturesque neighborhood of Trastevere in the culinary heart of Rome, Italy. You will experience a truly immersive, local way of life and cooking fine Italian cuisine. Each class is led by Chef Andrea Consoli, who has been praised globally as a fantastic chef and wonderful, welcoming teacher.

A Fun Activity

Chef Andrea teaches cooking classes in a fun way. Prepare to learn how to cook, laugh with new friends and love a fantastic meal!

A Local Experience

We will help you uncover the nuances of daily life in Rome, and you will discover the history of authentic Roman and Italian cuisine!

A Delicious Meal

At the end of the hands-on class, you will sit down and enjoy dining on the amazing 4-course meal prepared by you and your new friends!

Have a great time learning how to cook Italian food in a friendly setting

We shop and clean so that you can learn and cook. We only source fresh, organic farm-to-table ingredients, so that at the end of your class you can enjoy excellent food featuring the most robust flavors around.

Read reviews from fellow travelers all over the world

  • “Unanimously rated as our best day in Rome!”

  • “An experience my wife and I will never forget.”

  • “We can’t stop raving about what a good time we had”

  • “We had a fantastic time”

  • “We were a class of two Canadians, three Aussies, three American and us!”

  • “Definitely the highlight of our trip to Rome!”

  • “We learned how to make a delicious five course meal and we were able to enjoy it with the other members of the class.”

  • “Wow, what a day! Chef Andrea was AMAZING!”

  • “Chef Andrea is delightful, welcoming everyone into his kitchen.”

  • “Great experience for someone that wants a cultural food immersion of Roma!”

  • “Andrea was funny, full of energy and made our experience absolutely enjoyable!”

  • “We made new friends from all over and the food was excellent.”

  • “The class was fun, engaging, and the food was delicious!”

  • “Met some fantastic people and ate some fantastic food.”

  • “Chef Andrea is a great teacher with a brilliant sense of humour.”


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Have a fun, unique experience

Cook authentic Italian cuisine in a local Roman kitchen from Chef Andrea Consoli!