Here is where it starts! Come have your first experience in a Roman kitchen and learn every secret that goes into each delicious bite!


Do you like Italian food but you’re not very talented at preparing it? Or are you good at cooking and baking but want a few more ideas and tips in the kitchen? Well then this is the place for you!

Are you traveling to Italy for business or pleasure or are you staying in Italy for school or an extended period of time? Taking a cooking class in Rome is a great way to experience the city in a different way, no matter what your reason is for being in Italy.

Italy is divided into 20 regions, with each region having its own specific diet that has evolved over the past centuries. Through various influences throughout the centuries, including neighboring regions, conquerors, high-profile chefs, political upheavals as well as the discovery of the New World, a concrete cuisine has formed to what is known today as one of the premiere cuisines in the world.

Food is a large part of the Italian culture and learning how to prepare different dishes and to understand the preparation is a new found interest some may have for the Italian Cuisine.